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finc (File INClude)

Small program written in C to include files in development; alternative to SSI (server-side includes).


Run make to compile with clang. Binary will be bin/finc.
Run make check to see how finc handles the files in test as an example of functionality.
To use a different compiler and set flags, edit the appropriate lines in makefile.


Usage: finc [FILE]
Include files in [FILE] through inclusion directives written in [FILE].
The final result will be sent to stdout. Redirect this output to another file to save your results.

Example usage:
finc src/index.html > dist/index.html

Example directive:
##include head.html

Note that the inclusion directive should be written at the start of a new line.
Also note that quotation marks aren't needed around the name of the file to be included.

finc is licensed under GPL-3.0. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html
finc homepage: http://git.mattconn.io/finc.git/


finc currently can only process one file (containing any number of directives) at a time, and can only send output to stdout.

A loop is one way to process several files.
Below is an example of such a loop:

cd html;
for f in *
        finc $f > ../../dist/$f

finc can also only process directives nested one level deep; includes within included files will not be processed on only a single run of finc.

Wanted Features

  • Processing of multiple files at a time
  • Processing of directives nested deeper than one level on a single run
  • Writing to file without stdout redirect
  • Verbose mode (possible without reliance on stdout)
Published Aug 10, 2017
PlatformsmacOS, Linux
Tagsdevelopment, Generator, include


finc 13 kB
source.zip 90 kB

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